Flat Top Shelters

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Aimed initially at new construction projects, the Flat Top Storm Shelter is the latest addition to the line of available storm shelters that should prove to be a popular option for homebuilders and homeowners alike.

The Flat Top Storm Shelter can be installed in the foundation of a new construction home, either in a garage, in a closet, or in a patio. If being installed in a pre-existing home, the flat top shelter can still be installed in the yard.

The unit is poured from a 6000 psi mix with #4 rebar and fibermesh reinforcement. An inch of thickness has been added to the unit making the floor 5” thick and the ceiling and walls a full 4” thick. Getting in and out is easy, thanks to the spring operated, 120# capacity door opener which requires no post, pulley or cable to operate.

The door is located in the top and positioned according to the specifications of the contractor. Also optional is the location of the vent. The unit can be vented directly in the garage or a side vent can be placed, allowing the contractor to pour a length of pipe in the slab and vent the unit outside the footing. This is also subject to local building codes.